6/9 - How can you find the hidden jobs on the job market - a recruiter perspective - Sthlm

September 6th at 9am-4pm

Many jobs are never advertised to the public. Calculations say that approximately 30 percent of all jobs are advertised externally and that means that you will never see 70 percent of the open jobs. That is one reason why many job seekers think “there are no jobs for me!” How can you become one of those who will get one of these jobs?

In this seminar you will get insights how the recruitment market works and why there are hidden jobs. You will learn how to broaden your job search, find the hidden jobs and you will get an understanding of different job titles and how the mechanism behind the job titles on the Internet work. How can you figure out as many job titles as possible in order to increase your chances of finding a job? In this seminar you will also learn how you can use LinkedIn to support your hidden job search.

You will learn the following during the seminar:
•What a hidden job is
•Why jobs are hidden
•Matching you with a hidden job
•Strategies to identify new job titles
•Finding non-existing jobs
•How to use LinkedIn to find hidden jobs

This seminar will help you understand and broaden your job market and make it easier for you to find the hidden jobs. Please bring your laptop to this seminar.

Date and time
Thursday September 6th at 9am-4pm (no lunch is included)

Regeringsgatan 67, Stockholm

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Lecturer Dr Tina Persson

This seminar is in English

Please be on time