4/9 - Transferable skills – How to translate your academic skill set to industry - Sthlm

September 4th at 1pm-4pm

Working in academia as a PhD student, post doc or researcher is versatile and challenging but it is also a training aiming for an academic career. In academia, academics typically train problem-solving and analytical thinking, seeing the big picture, teaching, coordination, administration, making new discoveries, setting up new projects, writing scientific articles, editing, conducting experiments and collecting data. But how can these skills be transformed into skills the industry understand and is interested in?

The seminar Transferable skills summarises a skill set most academics can use. Which of the ones interests you the most? By understanding your transferable skills you will better understand your drive and motivation. As a result, you will be able to design your CV and in addition better explain for recruiters and hiring-managers what jobs you are interested in.  The trick is to learn how to articulate and translate your academic skills into industrial jobs fit for your drive and motivation.
Transferable skills are divided into following: Practical, Investigative, Entrepreneurial, Supportive, Creative and Administrative. During this seminar you will learn how transferable skills can express your motivation and drive.

The following will be included:
• Learn about typical academic transferable skills
• Why it is important to work on your transferable skills
• Identify your most important tranferable skills
• Strategies to develop your transferable skills
• Learn to understand industry job adverts and matching your transferable skills
• Your CV and LinkedIn profile - increase attention with transferable skills

In the seminar you will learn what companies values your academic training. You will also get a better understanding of specific job titles connected to particular transferable skills.                     

Which of these skills are your assets and how can they be transformed into industrial skills?

Date and time
Tuesday September 4th at 1pm-4pm

Regeringsgatan 67, Stockholm

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Mer information

Lecturer Dr Tina Persson is a Global Academic Career Coach, Recruiter & Search Specialist, expert in digital transformation as well as founder of the PodCast "PhD Career Stories" - a podcast made by PhDs for PhDs in career development

This seminar is in English

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