4/9 - Design a CV for Industry - Sthlm

September 4th at 9am-12am

Many academics find it hard to take their first steps towards a non-academic career in industry. After several years in academia, academics have developed many skills but have difficulties in translating them into industry language. There are big differences in how to write an academic CV compared to an industry cv. Not only is the terminology different but also the attitude and-mind-set behind what is important in a CV.

Use your CV and cover letter to sell yourself. Learn how to design a CV and a cover letter that attracts recruiters and hiring managers or that can be picked up by an ATS system (robot).

In this workshop, you will learn the differences between writing an academic CV and an industry CV. You will learn the importance of expressing what you want to do rather than what you have done. You will also learn how to identify the key message in a job ad and how to adapt your cv and cover letter to the ad.

The following will be included:
• Academic CV vs. Industrial CV
• How to make you CV attractive for hiring managers
• Tailoring your CV to job ads
• Marketing your skills online (online CV)
• Expectations of the outcome of having a PhD

This seminar is targeted towards PHD students, Postdocs and researchers who is interested in having a career in the industry. You will learn what the difference is between an academic and an industry cv and how to brand your CV and yourself the right way so you will be an attractive candidate to recruiters and hiring managers.

Date and time
Tuesday September 4th at 9am-12am

Regeringsgatan 67, Stockholm

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Lecturer Dr Tina Persson

This seminar is in English

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