4/9 - How to transform an academic CV in to an industrial CV - Sthlm

September 4th at 9am-12am

There are big differences in writing an academic CV compared to an industrial CV. In order to attract recruiters and companies the academics need to understand the most important differences. Not only is the terminology different but also the attitude and mind-set behind what is important in a CV. A modern industrial CV should reflect what you want to do – not what you have done.

During this seminar, you will learn the most important differences between writing an academic CV compared to an industrial CV. Your academic CV describes what you have done in respect of academic merits such as positions and titles, honors & awards, responsibilities, publications, patents, administration and teaching. Your industrial CV needs to reflect both job titles and terminology used in the job area you are interested in.

In today´s digital world you need to tailor every CV to a job ad with respect to job titles, key words and technical skills to improve your possibilities of being selected by an ATS system (robot). You will also learn how you need to design your industrial CV to attract recruiters and hiring-managers. Typically, you get 7-30 seconds to make a first impression. With a clear and well-designed CV you will increase your chances of being selected for a first interview. You will also learn how to identify the key message in a job ad and how to adapt your CV and your cover letter to that specific job ad. 

The following will be included:

• Transforming an academic CV to an industrial CV
• How you make the CV attractive for recruiters and hiring managers
• Tailoring your CV to a specific job ad
• Marketing and branding of your skills online (online CV)
• Expectations of the outcome of having a PhD

This seminar is targeted towards PHD students, postdocs and researchers who is interested in having a career in the industry. You will learn what the difference is between an academic and an industrial CV. How you and your CV becomes an attractive candidate to recruiters and hiring managers. Learn how to design an on-line CV which will be noticed by recruiters and companies.


Date and time
Tuesday September 4th at 9am-12am

Regeringsgatan 67, Stockholm

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Lecturer Dr Tina Persson is a Global Academic Career Coach, Recruiter & Search Specialist, expert in digital transformation as well as founder of the PodCast "PhD Career Stories" - a podcast made by PhDs for PhDs in career development.

This seminar is in English

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