23/1 - Spontaneous applications - Broaden your job market - Gbg

January 23rd at 10am-4pm

Only a fraction of the jobs on the private market are advertised in job portals. Recruiters of
today will find candidates through recommendations, network and spontaneous applications.

Welcome to participate in a workshop that will broaden your labor market. You will find out how to
do the necessary research and how to make good and effective spontaneous applications.

In order to make a good spontaneous application you need to do a thorough research, which you can
do through company web pages, specific info pages and through LinkedIn. The next step is to call
the company to get more detailed information. During the call, you will map the recruitment need
and how your competence matches company needs. You can also do spontaneous applications to the
public sector.

This seminar contains the following:
•     Spontaneous application vs. letter of interest. What is what?
•     Find companies you didn’t know existed.
•     How to find managers to call.
•     Clarity about the purpose of the call.
•     Courage and curiosity – two important skills.
•     How to write script – do a good start and a good disposition of the call.
•     How to handle objections - a way to guiding the conversation.
•     Decision and how to finish the call.
•     Documentation and ways to handle large volumes of information.

Prior to the seminar
You must have a CV prepared and you must know what jobs you are interested in and what industry you want to work in.

The seminar will strengthen your telephone technique as well as give you ways to find out how to
find the names of the managers you want to contact.

Useful information
Please bring your own computer or tablet.


Date and time
Tuesday January 23rd at 10am-4pm (We kindly ask you to be on time)

Stora Nygatan 23-25, 5th floor

Pincodes to the entrances will be presented by a text message upon confirmation

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Joakim Muschött

Mer information

Lecturer Joakim Muschött

This seminar is in English

Please bring your laptop or tablet to this seminar

Please make sure to be on time