Change and Security

A presentation of the Job Foundation and the Swedish Job Security Agreement.

If a government employee becomes redundant

It is easy to become demoralised when losing one's job. It takes time to accept the situation and to adjust to new conditions. On the other hand, such a change in life can lead to new ideas, contacts and opportunities. In dealing with this challenge, some people develop both in professional capacity and as a human being. Support from people around them can make all the difference, especially support from the workplace itself: the employer who is responsible for the redundancy process, the local trade union, and not least, fellow workers. There are also external support resources such as the local labour exchange, the occupational health care service and the Job Security Foundation.

The Job Security Foundation

The Foundation was established in 1990 under the Job Security Agreement for Government Employees, which entered into force at the same time. The activities of the Foundation are based on the Agreement and they are financed by fees paid by the employer, i.e. the government agencies. The fees are regulated by a collective agreement. Representatives of the parties to the Job Security Agreement are members of the board of the Foundation.

When a state employee is given notice due to redundancy, it is our task, as far as possible, to see to it that he does not become unemployed. This is also the case when an employee does not accept relocation. This also applies for those who finish a temporary employment of at least two years.

It is important to understand what the Foundation can and cannot do. We do not assume any responsibility for the redundancy process from the employer. The resources of the employment service must be used - also by state employees, even though this was not previously the case. One condition is that the redundant employee himself assumes responsibility for the situation and makes an active effort to achieve a solution.

This is how we work

The activities of the Foundation are governed by one guiding principle, which is that redundant employees must be capable of seeking and finding a new job. Activities concentrate on supporting and strengthening redundant employees´ capability in this respect. To get a clear picture of the support needed by a particular individual, we assist in preparing a profile of his background, qualifications, skills and interests. This is a good basis for an individual action plan, which should be worked out for each redundant employee. Decisions on individual support can then be made quickly and with a minimum of bureaucratic procedures. 


The Foundation has activity centres, where those terminated from state employment receive knowledge about methods and search paths to new jobs. The participants also receive active support and help in finding a new job through for example an individual action plan being formulated for the job search and continued professional life. As a personal support, those who need a job coach will receive one. The ultimate goal is to find new employment as soon as possible. The bases of these activities are located in Stockholm, Malmö andGöteborg. If sufficient number of participants exist in another location, activities will also be arranged locally.

In order to provide appropriate support we have divided the country into regions. Our head office is in Stockholm and we also have offices in others cities.

The objective is a new job

The Job Security Agreement

The Job Security Agreement applies to those in state employment who are redundant or have been given notice due to lack of work. It applies for people with a time limited employment longer than two years. It also applies to employees who do not accept relocation. 

What kind of support is available?

Support for getting a new job

The objective is to ensure that an employee given notice finds a new job as fast as possible and different forms of individual support may be used for this purpose. We help to prepare an employee profile and individual activity plans, arrange job-seeking activities and facilitate contacts with other employers.

Financial support may also be given, e.g. a salary during introductory training at a new workplace, support for business starts, various courses, additional training or retraining. Each case is estimated and decided individually according to the person's needs.

The individual support can be provided during the period of notice or after.

Individual rights under the agreement

Extended period of notice, meaning that the period of notice fixed by law or under a collective agreement is doubled. The reason for this is to give the person who has been given notice a better chance to find a solution before becoming unemployed.

Paid leave of absence for those taking part in activities approved by the Foundation, for example program activities, practical training, acclimatization period or education.

Job security income supplements for those who find a new job that pays a lower salary.

Subsequent job security, which means that a person can ”return” to the job security scheme if he or she is laid off from a new job within seven years from the time the government employment stopped. This only applies if the new workplace is without another scheme.

Supplementary unemployment benefit is granted to unemployed persons for whom the general unemployment benefit does not amount to a certain per cent of their earlier salary. (That is, the supplementary benefit is paid out only above a certain level of salary.) The difference is paid out by the Foundation during the same period as the general unemployment benefit.